Integrated and intelligently monetized streaming
and gaming parachain on the Polkadot Network

Seed Funding

10% of the tokens are offered at a price of $0.010 per $PSTR to early strategic investors who enable the creation and launch of the Polkastream protocol.

Vesting schedule: 5% of the total allocation is unlocked during the $PSTR Token Generation Event (TGE) with a one-month cliff, followed by twelve months of linear unlock.

Private Sale

Now that a proof of concept has been prototyped with the seed contributions, 7% of the tokens are offered at a price of $0.020 per $PSTR to private investors.

Vesting schedule: 10% of the total allocation is unlocked during TGE with a one-month cliff, followed by eleven months of linear unlock.

Public Sale

4% of the tokens are offered via different IDO (Initial DEX Offering) platforms. The best part about participating in the public sale is that 100% of the tokens are unlocked during TGE.


25% of the tokens are allocated to reward all Polkastream OTT (over-the-top) streaming platform and Polkaverse 3D gaming world users. Polkastreamers can earn rewards by listening to their favorite music and podcasts, watching their favorite movies and TV shows, or socializing and playing their favorite games in the Polkaverse.

Operations & Marketing

17% of the tokens are allocated toward operations and marketing. This includes funds for a Polkadot parachain auction, platform maintenance, legal, marketing, and on an as-needed basis.

Vesting terms: This allocation is activated after all fundraising revenue has been exhausted.

Team & Advisors

15% of the tokens are allocated to the Polkastream team and 6% to the advisors who assist the team during the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phases with many advisory services, including marketing and market-making.

Liquidity Pool

10% of the tokens are added to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool at a starting price of $0.035 with 1,000,000 $PSTR per-transaction limit.


4% of the tokens are allocated to a wide range of fun community activity airdrops and incentives to keep Polkastreamers active and engaged on Polkastream's social media platforms.


2% of the tokens are allocated toward humanitarian efforts across the globe. The charities funded will be chosen by Polkastreamers through the Polkastream Decentralized Autonomous Organization (PDAO).

Polkastream Studios is the in-house digital design and video production company
established to attract lucrative projects for an in-brand revenue source

Branding services from the ground up to transform concepts into effective, memorable, distinctive, and well-branded companies.

Metaverse 3D gaming world like Polkaverse on top of which other developers can develop games and thrive to their fullest potential.

Marketing videos, music, documentaries, original series, films, and more genres exclusively for the Polkastream TV.

Polkadot has the most sustainable blockchain infrastructure thanks to its self-updating capabilities and energy-friendly core. Polkadot's unique architecture makes it scalable without compromising on speed, accuracy or decentralization. The large focus of Polkadot is its interoperable and interconnected parachain model that removes the possibility of congestion on Polkadot's base layer. This way, each parachain can specialize on one specific task or industry. Polkastream's mission is to be the parachain that specializes in OTT (over-the-top) streaming and metaverse gaming.


$PSTR is pending audit and has not yet been deployed ⚠️